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evening. it's wednesday, february 27th. a news at 7. >>> the city of santa cruise is grieving tonight, still rattled by the shooting death 2 of veterans and the loves police officers of the we'll take you to the vigil in just a moment. but first what wear learned about the men and -- what we learned about the men and women. kevin vogle held a briefing today. he called the shootings devastating for the community and the department. detective sergeant lore an butch baker was a 28-year veteran of the police force it's of baker 2 years ago. he leaves behind a wife, 2 daughters and a son. >> we're having a tough time with this. we have never experienced anything like this in my career. >> santa cruise police officers were all given the day off to grief. the city of being patrolled by the sheriff's office. >>> at the nelson community center in santa cruise, a vigil is underway. she's also been looking into prior workplace issues involving the gunman. >> reporter: it's going until 8:00. it's going to give hundreds in this community a time to gather together and mourn there loss. >> fbi inves
members are still concerned. >>> and passing of the torch in san francisco. the newest city supervisor is also the youngest. >>>. >>> complooement complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. it's tuesday february 26th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin with breaking news tonight in santa cruz where within just the last hour, authorities confirmed that two officers and one suspect are dead nol lowing an afternoon shooting. >> we lost two exceptionally fine officers today. my primary concern at this point is for the safety and well being of my officers as well as the families of -- of the deceased officers. >> at this time, we do not mrooef that we have any outstanding suspects, and we do not believe that there is any danger to the community, however, my office is conducting a home by home, house by house, closet by closet search of the entire area to ensure that that is the case. >> the santa cruz county sheriff's office is leading the investigation. we don't know what caused the altercation
the city council tonight is considering a deal that would keep california highway patrol officers patrolling city streets. the chp agreed to help oakland fight crime back in november at no cost but rekrebtly oakland agreed to pay sheriff's department for similar help. now, the chp wants payment. oakland's city administrator is recommending an expenditure of $162,000. that money would cover ten officers plus two sergeants to supervise two day a week for two more months. >>> oyster farm resumes in a federal appeals court this week. today a judge heard arguments from the department of the interior. it is refusing to renew the lease for drake's bay oyster company. the government says the waters should return to a wilderness space. the owner of the oyster farm is set to respond on thursday. drake's bay is responsible for about 40% of california's commercial oyster production. >>> apple says it's been victimized by the same hackers who launched sophisticated attacks on facebook. we told you about the investigation on friday. that's when facebook revealed some of its company laptops were
that two homes were broken into just yesterday. san francisco is considering removing all city buses from the busy mission street corridor. they are live in the city. it may improve safety. >> here on mission st. they are writing on the pavement. every bus only. it is the bikes only. >> pick in the street and you will see an endless stream of passengers. title have to walk anywhere. but what if i have the buses and they disappear. removing all buses from this is the area is an option. it improves transit downtown. all commissioned a bust winds will move over to market street. >> and makes it a more transit corridor. dedicated bike lanes would replace the lanes on either side of the road. they will be very separated. you'll be separated from cars. our city is growing. more and more people are coming to the city. the downtown area is becoming more residential. not residential and not says the owner of a mondo cafi. if they eliminated bus lines it says it is located right next to the bus stop. >> if it is there is not enough excuse for people to come over this way. it would be a little incon
in its tracks. scenting passengers flying. no walker in the city with a look at the small metal bolts that stop the cable car. >> reporter: that accident happened feet from where i him standing. those cars that are parked are there for routine maintenance. i asked while they purveyor. denver parks they are because of a cable car accident earlier today. the streets of san francisco are a picture postcard but nowhere you've ever see that or hear this. >> the people were crashing into each other. i heard a scream. >> reporter: a cable car accident injured ten people at the the car hit a boat launched into the tracks. >> it stopped the car did. we lost one person. >> reporter: three people got medical treat it and to operators went to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. a fire department spokeswoman said one of the patients went cold free. explaining the man was elderly. tonight the police investigations team are looking into how the bolt got onto the track and why the car suddenly stopped. the accident shut down the city's two busy at the cable lines. cable cars sat empt
shades mean some accumulation for us. >> rainfall rate do pick up around daily city. >> moving parallel to the cost line right around half moon bay. >> the chance of a few thunderstorms, coming up for part of your friday, it will be dry and changes for your weekend. >>> happening now, san jose mayor was set to begin his speech just about 5 minutes ago. he's expected to pitch his sales tax increase to fund raises to city employees after years of frozen wages. ktv's reporter is inside of the she'll have a live report on the 10:00 news. >>> now to costa, county, where a person escaped. >> the smoke was vis able from downtown brent wood -- visible, from did the brent wood. investigators are looking into the cause. it appears accidental. >> fire guts a home in san jose. the 1 alarm fire started about 1:30 this morning. it appears to have started in the kitchen. neighbors tell us renters moved out and the home owners were in the process of remodeling. >>> san francisco transportation officials said an alarm failed. >>> it came to a jolting stop near washington and powell. >> several more were
city, 900 miles east of moscow before exploding in a fireball of pwraoeupbding blight light said to have the power of an atomic bomb and then a sonic boom, it smashed buildings and knocked out phone service. hundreds were hospitalized. nobody reported killed [speaking in russian ] >> it reminded me of action movies like "terminator 4" the light was bright like a sun and then the blast happened. >> reporter: another eyewitness said there was panic in the streets and another said it felt like a war zone. 20,000 emergency workers fanned out. three impact sites were found. it missed nuclear chemical facilities. the president promised aid for those effected. several meteors hits the earth but this was known for the size and vicability. >> the thing is it came down over a populated area. industrial area, in fact, and that is, maybe ub usual. >> today's incident happened 3,000 miles to the west and 100 years after a massive meteor strike in siberia. that one leveled millions of trees across an 800 square mile area. guess what, not a cell phone or video camera in sight. back to you. >>>
arrested. authorities now want to talk to those two other men. >>> a union city man wanted on several outstanding warrant social security behind bars tonight. our news chopper 2 is overhead in hayward when police caught up with him just after 3:00 this amp. officers say they arrested 22-year-old solomon cruz espinoza after pursuit. the san leandro police officers says one of his offices suffered minor injuries. he's wanted for assault, domestic violence and vandalism. >>> police in san jose are talking about how they've been locating and arresting human trafficking offenders and what's being done for the young victims. in the past year and a half the department has rescued 51 minors from prostitution. police are now asking the public to give them a call if they see underage girls or boys in situations that may involve prostitution. >> the children are ultimately the most important people for us to rescue. we want to get them out of that situation, but in the back picture is the offender. we truly want to get the offender off the street so he's not revictimizing other individuals. >> i
delivered today. >>> the city of oakland is joining a few other places from the country and issuing its own identification cards to people who live there. the cards are available to everyone including illegal immigrants. the cards can double as debt cards. people can register for the new id card. the city plans to make them available by march 15th. >> the weather service issued a warning today if you play with your dog near the surf don't go in after them if you think they are trouble. since 2008 several people died trying to rescue their dogs. they all say your dog is a better swimmer than you are and will likely make it out okay without your help. >>> now, to our continuing coverage of the flu season. the health officials say the deaths of two homeless men are linked to the virus. those men were 58 years old and died in mid-january. we visited the homeless camp where we learned the victims lived. many people this said they knew them. one woman told us she nursed one of the men. >> for two days i took care of him. i fed him and stuff. he was sick in bed. i thought he died from pneumonia. >
is a violation of city policy and could lead to termination. >> any time you get a allegation of this sort, you have to take the appropriate action to send the message than it's not oak to betray the public's trust. >>> we tried to contact and we're waiting to hear back. they say they started the investigation month mrs. ago after getting a tip from a whistle blower. now to today's surprise announcement from the vatican. just two days before the beginning of lent, pope benedict xvi announced his resignation making him the first pope to step down in almost 600 years. even those closest to him say they were shocked. >> i have to be honest, i'm as shocked as all of you. >> it's very startling. i was totally unprepared for it. even the pope's cardinals and closest aids didn't see this coming. >> reporter: they say he'll resign at the end of this month because he doesn't have the physical strengthty carry out the duties. he's had a relatively short tenure, it was just 2005. >> joseph had always been considered such a traditionalist. i think this is really the proof of that. >> reporter: elected at
and a big break in bay area triple murder case. the far-off city where the suspect was located. . >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it's monday february 18th. i'm gay mick and this is bay area news at 7:00. in just the past few hours the university of california released a police sketch of a rape suspect following a daytime attack on the campus of uc sant kruz. . >> they say the suspect is a white male in his 30s to 40s and the victim told the police he had a tattoo on his white arm and smelled of cigarettes. police say the attack happened on the north end of campus just east of several lecture hals on science hill along a wooded trail. today we found campus police and santa cruz police investigators going other the site. investigators say the young woman was visiting the campus and she was walking alone just before 12:30 sunday afternoon when the attacker beat and raped her. >> the victim did not know the assailant and it happened in the middle of the day so that's -- that's shocking for the campus, and quite
. >> at san francisco city hall, mayor and other city leaders took part this evening. >> they asked the church to participate. >> every of woman in my family was sexual assaulted or survivor, so joyful to see the women taking back our power with our male allies. >> when this many people come together, now that we have access to forms of communication via the media, i think we're going to see a big shift in the world. >> the event in san francisco attracted hundreds of people earlier this evening. now with each event, there are a few focuses. each person here at the plaza received a pledge and they wanted pledging to make it a point to tell people their personal experiences and also to stop jokes about rape or violence. that was the specific point here at franco gawa. >> this is not over yet. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco chief and his wife were not invited but they still show their support to end violence. they were welcomed by san francisco county jail inmates. the group dancing without borders danced to a song called break the chain. >> this is to say that love does not hurt, love i
in a city park. >> good evening, thursday, february 21st, a crane toppled during work on the bridge. thankfully the workers escaped unharmed. >> the scarf following is being hauled. two hours ago the investigation was focused around the water around the tower where two cranes are being secured. >> welders dismantled the crib connected to a 150-foot boom and it toppled a little afternoon and knocking over the base, a 90 square foot barge east of the tower. >> what turned my head was a huge, i mean, mega loud crash. it was like a ricochet. at first, my first reaction, it was like that. >> eyewitness dave ginther was on treasure island. he dismissed the noise as part of the work on the bridge but started to snap pictures when he realized what he was seeing when he realized was not planned. >> i assumed at that point that something was not going right because it wasn't being gently down just crashing down. >> spokesman, andrew gordon says the crane was in the process of removing supports no longer needed. >> no one was injured but we would be looking at how this happened and taking the
folks are worried pw-fpl the officials are urging anyone in a coastal city along the seaboard to be prepared for flooding as well with the storm. as if they did not have enough to deal with they will have that on top of everything else. reporting live, back to you. >> the blizzard back east is expected to have an effect on nights here in the bay area. a number of flights were canceled today and many of tomorrow's flights have been canceled. they no longer wait to the last hour to cancel flights when big weather events take place new ended up with the diversions and the stranded flights airlines don't want to go through that anymore. what we are seeing more of is anticipation of a weather event. pro active cancellation. >> if you are ming anywhere tomorrow it -- flying anywhere tomorrow it is a good idea to check the status of your night. when you get to the airport -- your flight. when you get to the airport, be prepared to wait. >>> where is that ex-lapd officer, where is he now? and what is an ex-girlfriend saying about him? >>> the rain showers have moved out of the bay are
a lot of attention today. >> the boston terrier was found in dale city tuesday with a broken leg. a microchip linked him to larry melly of palo alt o. he slipped out of the back year more than 4 yearsing -- alto. >> oroe was special. >> -- oreo, the dog's been gone for 4 years. >> the vet thinks the dog may have gotten hit by a car. het had surgery and -- he had surgery and will go home soon. >>> dozens of cars disappeared he agreed to sell on consignment. >> he's known as andy paul, facing sis counts of grant theft, a bail of half a million dollar. >> they left their expensive cars to sell for him, then last month some of them found the lost empty and their cars gone. others said they got checks for the sale of those cars but those checks bounced. >> new charges for 3 suspects in a south bay crime spree, the terrifying new accusations and what we learn about the victims. >>> this is not your grandfather's mack world, in fact, not even last year's mac world. >>> wrapping up a beautiful day, coming up, the neighborhoods that could hit 70 into friday the charges you can't expect fo
that cities unreasonable and unlawful conditions related from opening but -- cystic clays that fan san jose officials including chris moore gave a rival casino preferential treatment. they lost a legal challenge last year over permits to open the casino. >> president obama is just now wrapping up the state of the union address. we will go live to capitol hill and hear about the one topic making headlines. >> an emotional game dedicated to a critically injured teen. why the players and parents are urging better traffic control. >> back here is just -- were looking for warmer days and we'll let you know how long it will be in your neighborhood as we head towards wednesday >> back now to breaking news. cnn is reporting that several law enforcement sources have confirmed that fugitive ex- lapd officer stupar dorner is dead. they say his body was discovered in a burned-out cabin near where she got killed a san bernardino sheriffs deputy. he is now suspected in four killings for being fired by lapd. they reported hearing a single gunshot as they headed towards the cabin. we are continuing to fo
says the cuts could have a wide reaching impact on commercial air travel. nights to major cities including new york and san francisco might experience delays of up to 90 minutes, he said that the federal aviation administration could lose $600 million. america's three98 national parks will be effected. it including bay area attractions. parks would see a 5% cut and some employees could be furloughed for more than a month. here in the bay area, the golden gate national recreation says they are making plans for reductions but hoping for a quick resolution itch the police are investigating a crash that killed a 20-year-old woman this morning. she was driving alone when she apparently lost control of her car on east bay shore road after 4:00 a.m. the car hit a fire hydrant and power poll pole. the driver was thrown from the -- poll. the driver was thrown from the vehicle and died on the scene. >>> the police are searching for a hit and run driver that struck a bus. they say the 103 express was hit by a car that ran a red light this morning. it happened near capitol expressway. 14 pas
. there are time stamps that will release the smart phone. the company announced march 14thvent at radio city music hall. samsung doesn't say why but it's apparently going to reveal it's galaxy s four. >>> yahoo announced a big policy change saying employees will no longer be allowed to work from home. an internal moemo says the tell commuting. marisa, mechlers while many employees are happy about it, they say it's necessary to revive the company. >> i think it needs to have an all hands on deck model at least for the short-term and that's why i think this is a smart move. >> well known names in business are also weighing in. virjin calls it a backwards step while donald trump says she is doing a great job. >>> facebook wanted to down tribute case. some say they're used to exploit or harass the newtown victims. they called his office today and said they would remove the pages immediately. the exclusive favor stronger gun control despite the right to bear arms. 61% of the polls say it's more important to place controls on gun ownership. protecting gun owner rights should be given a high operate. 68%
news. >>> a police officer from the east bay city of pittsburgh and a suspect are recovering from gunshot wounds tonight following a shootout. two police officers say they spotted the suspect 30-year-old troy of oak lee about 11:30 last night on east 12th street. they say he has several outstanding felony washts. the officer say he took off running then pull add gun and fired at the officers hitting one of them in the back. the officers returned fire striking him. he was taken toth hospital in stable condition and later arrested. the officer was wearing body armor. he was treat and had released. >>> happening now a protest is happening in palo alto outside the home of mark suker burg. the facebook founder is hosting a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christy. about 50 protesters showed up. they say he defunded planned parenthood and closed clinics in his state. governor christy is keeping a low profile while here in the bay area. donors at tonight's fundraiser are paying up to $3,800 to attend. >>> chevron had known for years about a problem with the corroded pipe that cau
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